Seeking Him for each moment

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We live in a fast-paced world.  Six and a half years ago my husband and I moved our little family to the country to try to slow down.  The pace came with us.

In fact, just being in the country increased the pace in some ways.

Every time I think I can not possibly add one more thing to my to-do list, I add one more thing to my to-do list.  My big picture list looks something like this:

~ spend time daily in prayer and bible study
~ prioritize my relationship with my husband
~ make sure each child feels loved and precious, and knows the Lord
~ educate the children well and thoroughly
~ teach the children life-skills
~ keep the house tidy, including re-organizing
~ feed the family healthy, home made, frugal meals
~ produce as much of our own food as possible (so far meat, eggs and vegetables)
~ maintain relationships with friends across the globe
~ write regularly
~ support other women writers
~ design and maintain a website
~ host and lead a monthly bible study
~ teach Sunday school 4 months of the year

The list grows and grows.

These things are all good things.  But, obviously, not all of them can be priorities.

It seems like it would be easier if there was a very clear list of what to do when. You know, if God could just write up a calendar?

But there isn't a calendar like that.  While I have found some ways to make my daily schedule more reflective of my priorities, and the farm is teaching me about seasonal priorities, every day I struggle in some way to decide what to do and what to let go of.

This is a struggle I have had my whole life, especially so once we started homeschooling and homesteading.  I have found one answer, and only one.

I have to live in His presence.

This means that I start every day talking to God.  The days when I get up in the wee dark hours are increasing now that my children all sleep through the night, and it is such a blessing.

But even if I am running late and can't snuggle on the couch with my bible, I whisper hellos and thanks and offer my day to Him as I drag my sleepy head off the pillow and to the kitchen.

It also means that all through the day I must keep checking in.  In fact, I should never check out.  I must dwell in God's presence, work there, think there, speak there, constantly.

Only then can I discern what is the needful thing for each moment.

It will come as no surprise that I do not succeed at this all the time!  But it is my heart's desire, and my prayer. 

When I dwell in His presence, the menial tasks of my day are miraculously converted to joyful service.  When I dwell in His presence, I can quickly see through the fog of details to the one needful thing.

When I dwell in His presence, I find myself dwelling more in the present. 

It is a blessing that God doesn't hand over a to-do list and a schedule, because it means I must seek Him throughout the day, and grow not in my own strength, but in abiding in Him.

How do you remember to dwell in His presence daily?


  1. you mean we shouldn't ever 'log out'? from Him? Love this. Thank you for the reminder that He's always there.

  2. It is always amazing how easy and peaceful life's choices become when I stop and listen and obey. The day will have a graceful flow and blessings are heaped upon us. There is always a smile on my face that doesn't come from anything but God's presence. I keep praying for reminders to seek His presence, asking the Holy Spirit to be insistent in communicating the clear path. And constantly praying for forgiveness while I fail, I shore up to conquer yet again.

  3. "It also means that all through the day I must keep checking in. In fact, I should never check out." Yes! Well said!

  4. Nicely said. I really like the way you get your ideas across - very understandable. Thank you. I agree with you about staying in the presence of God throughout the day. As a mom of four my days can be frantic but if I stop to "check in" with God occasionally, even if it's only for a moment, my day just works better.


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