Meeting Arnol


I've been wondering when it would arrive.  November we sent in the form... please send another child.

Kamila is 19 now, almost out of the Compassion program.  I have watched her grow from a tiny girl to a woman.  Her picture was on my refrigerator before I became pregnant with our oldest child.  I worry about the heavy look that has grown on her face over the years.  I pray for purity for her... pure heart, pure hands, pure mind.  And for protection.

But we've been waiting for another.  The pain in my stomach, reading and thinking about poverty-stricken children, has led us to sponsor another Compassion child, first new child since 1994.

We received news of Golmon in December, then just as quickly learned that he had turned 19 a few days later and was no longer eligible.  I made a phone call.  I learned a new name.  And we waited again.

Finally it arrived.  His picture.  All the details...

16 years old

His white shoes tell the story of his loves... running and soccer.

He is a teenager, loves listening to music.

Today we will write to him.  My newly-turned 14 year old, on the cusp of everything, will write to this 16 year old boy with so little physical means at his disposal.   But the same loving God.

Five minutes to write, no editing, one prompt: What's the best mail you got recently? Thanks again to The Gypsy Mama for this great idea that allows my writing fingers to fly without hindrance.


  1. What a handsome guy! With three daughters of my own, I was a bit worried when we had our first teenaged son through Compassion. Little did I know, we'd fall in love just as fast as with the little girls we sponsor. Our teenaged Johan writes such lovely letters. We recently added an older girl and another teen boy and I look forward to getting to know them as well!

  2. I first thought his name was Arno...which is my husband's name...what a beautiful legacy you are giving to your children through helping children so far from home.


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