Bake Cookies for Your Pastor {teaching kids to serve}

The second Sunday in October is Clergy Appreciation Day, an opportunity to show pastors how much we value the time they take to minister to us. Kids can show their appreciation too... and what better way to show it than with cookies?

It's not too hard to get kids excited about baking cookies. Gather everyone in the kitchen to measure, pour and stir. While the cookies are baking and cooling, the children can make thank you cards or pictures for your pastor(s). Help them think through what pastors do, and why they are thankful.

You can dress up a simple plate of cookies with a ribbon or bow. Even a paper plate of cookies covered with foil looks a little prettier this way. Of course most pastors will be thankful no matter how the cookies are delivered!

On Sunday morning, have the kids wait until an appropriate time after church to give the cookies to your pastor, and if they feel comfortable, express their thanks in words as well.

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