Learning to Extend Hospitality {teaching kids to serve}

Opening your home to guests is an easy way for your children practice serving others.

Before the big day, teach your kids how to make your guests feel welcome when they arrive. Have them run through greeting one another... maintaining eye contact, giving a smile, a handshake, a welcoming word.

Involve your children in preparing your home and the food for the meal. If they wonder why you are going to special care to get ready, explain that one way we show love for others is by treating them specially and helping them feel comfortable.

If any fussing occurs about the extra preparation, you can always remind your children that we are to:

Show hospitality to one another without grumbling. - 1 Peter 4:9

Teach your children to offer your guests a drink once they arrive and are settled. Guests should be served food first, and the children should clear the guest's plates for them. I like to use the word "bless"... "It will bless our guests if you offer them a drink." "It will bless our guests when you clear their plates so that they can sit and relax."

If your children are young and you are expecting visitors near their age, you may need to prepare them by revisiting the concept of sharing toys.

Extending hospitality in your home is a great first step for young children learning about serving!



  1. I like to think that you are preparing them for my visit next week. (I hope Stephen told you...) I will prepare to be blessed!

    1. Yes of course! We are looking forward to it! :)


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