Let Others Go First {teaching kids to serve}

You don't have to go out to begin teaching your children about serving others. The best place to start is right at home.

Help your children to develop the habit of letting others go first. This might seem like an overly simplistic concept to you... and if that's the case you have probably already been training your children to have an attitude of giving!

For children who are not used to sharing or allowing others to go first, this can be quite a difficult exercise. Don't worry if your little one doesn't especially like it, no one does at first!

Make a game of it... play the "After You Sir" game. You can set the example by saying "After you, sir/miss" and allowing your child to go first. The next time, have your child say it to you, and you go first. Be enthusiastic with your thanks when you are the one to go first.

You will probably have to remind and encourage your child, over a span of time, to think of allowing others to go first. But eventually you will start to see the habit laid down.

Reinforce your child's choice to allow others the first turn by observing it out loud every time you see it. Using servanthood terminology helps enforce this worldview. For example, "Joey, I saw you letting Sara go first. You showed your servant's heart."

A giving heart starts right in your own living room, and will walk out the door to bless the world!

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