Gather Cans to Earn Money for a Cause {teaching kids to serve}

Sometimes situations arise about which your children feels burdened, but with which he or she is unable to physically help.

For example, most natural disaster clean-up areas are not safe for children to be in. But tornadoes, floods and fires get a lot of media attention, and your child may express a desire to help. In this case, raising money to donate can be a way for them to get involved.

Your children can earn money by collecting aluminum cans. Some states have a refund program, and in states that do not run such a program, you can sell the cans to a scrap metal company.

Be sure to do your research before you donate the money. Sadly, there are people who make a living scamming people in unfortunate situations. We experienced this in our area after a wildfire, when some less-than-honest businesses sprung up around the recovery process. Charity Navigators is a good resource for checking out a charity's reputation.

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