Joy Sprinkle ~ Day 20 ~ Pumpkin Cookies

I like to cook.  I love to bake.  I especially like to bake from scratch.

Sometimes it's fun to try something a little different.

Today at the grocery store I saw pumpkin cut-out sugar cookies.  The kind you bake at home.  I had never bought cut-out cookies before, and thought it would be fun to surprise the kids.

I learned a few things...
  • Some cut-out cookies are surprising colors.  Pumpkin cut-out sugar cookies are orange.  It is not surprising that pumpkin cookies are orange.  It is surprising that sugar cookies are orange.
  • Cut-out cookies come as part of a sheet of dough.  As in one big rectangle with pumpkin imprints.  This means there are lots of scraps after you put the pumpkins on the cookie sheet.  The wrapper generously alerts you to the do's and don'ts of cookie scraps: DO make them into balls and cook them.  DON'T eat them raw.  Because that orange dough just looks sooo delectable.
  • Put the dough in the fridge between batches.  Trust me on this one. 
  • The Princess did not, I mean did not, want any of the faces to be sad, mean, scary or otherwise unpleasant.  She stated this emphatically before we opened the package.  We then spent a good bit of time creating stories that turned scared pumpkins into surprised pumpkins and wily pumpkins into laughing-with-silly-little-squinty-eyes pumpkins.
  • Using chocolate chips as facial features not only makes them a more autumnal orange/brown combo, it also makes them more chocolatey.  :-)
We had fun with this one, then settled down on the couch for a chapter from the Last Battle.   Only one chapter to go! 


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