Joy Sprinkle ~ Day 22 ~ A Surprise

Can't tell you about this one yet!  I'll update when I can.  ;-)


This one was sooo fun.  I put together a care package for my sweet friend and prayer partner who now, tragically, lives in a different country!  Wah!

The good news is that homemade jam CAN get through Canadian customs!  I sent her some blueberry lemon jam, some tea and a note.  Whenever we are together (which is terribly rare now) we sit and drink tea and knit.  And laugh and laugh.  I miss her so!


  1. What a blog. It is music to my soul.

  2. As the recipient of this sprinkle I can testify to how incredibly powerful it was! I was completely taken by surprise and felt so very loved, by my "sprinkler" and by God! The jam, by the way, was to die for. I think there will be Patti's homemade blueberry lemon jam in heaven. As for the tea, I have not bought that variety since I moved to the frozen north; it costs EIGHT DOLLARS a box here!!! What a treat! <3


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