Joy Sprinkle ~ Day 29 ~ Special Cake

The Princess is turning 9 next week.  For her party with her friends she decided to have a small sleepover.  Trying to be thoughtful to the cook, she proposed a very simple menu, including brownie sundaes for dessert.

I got to thinking that maybe I could sprinkle her with a surprise special dessert.  So I asked her a few questions and determined that she was not particularly attached to the brownie sundae.  After a few more questions, I was ready to create.

I thought it would be fun to try an ice cream cake since she had been thinking abut ice cream, and she had never had an ice cream cake.  My children enjoy theme-type cakes, so I tried to think of something she likes.  I looked for cat cakes and found some, but nothing really spoke to me.

Then I found a slumber party cake.  I knew I was on to something!

The original slumber party cake was a regular cake with twinkies on top.  Call me a snob, but I was not willing to use twinkies.  I determined to convert the cake to ice cream, and replace the twinkies.

I found an easy ice cream cake recipe that is based on ice cream sandwiches.  I bought an extra box of miniature ice cream sandwiches to make the girls' bodies (and as it turned out, to increase the size of the base cake).

I learned a few things about working with ice cream.  The first, and most important, is that it melts.  And in Texas, even in October, it melts quickly.  I also learned that regular icing on ice cream that is vertical slides right off.  So my brilliant idea to make faces from marshmallow circles painted with flesh toned ice cream (just a mix of vanilla and strawberry) turned into a slippery mess of dripping flesh tone and sliding black features.  The girls ended up with pasty-white-just-marshmallow heads, though I tried to brighten them up a bit by crushing some red sugar and dabbing it on the cheeks.

The gasps and squeals were well worth the effort.   :-)

The Princess and her friends


  1. Patti,
    This is just DARLING!!! What a lucky little (big!) girl you have!

  2. Cutest cake EVER! Hmm. Have to decide whether to let my 9yo see this. If I do I know what will be requested in April!


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