Joy Sprinkle ~ Day 35 ~ Stealth Rose Spreading

I have gotten behind in updating my progress with my 100 day challenge.  In the past I have set the post to the date of the "sprinkle", but that has kind of bothered me (doesn't seem quite honest), so I am not going to change the posting date any more.  This means that thanks to my real actual life there may be several days of sprinkle updates posted in one day.  No telling how many there will be today.

Here we go...

Sometimes my plans don't go off as expected.  This sprinkle was planned and set up for day 35 but was unable to actually be implemented until a few days later.  I am "counting" it as day 35, though, because I had a different plan for the day I was able to do it, and I did that too.  This is my real life.  :-)

The Bard was on a business trip on The Princesses' birthday, and wanted to give her 9 pink roses.  It was less expensive for me to buy a dozen at the store, and then put 9 in a vase and present them to her with his card.  I knew right away what I wanted to do with those extra three flowers.

I wrote three notes that said "This is the day that the Lord has made, let us rejoice and be glad in it!  Jesus loves you!".  I put the three flowers in water in a vase, and then into a cooler, and headed to town to do errands.  With my heart pounding in the grocery store parking lot, I put one flower and one note on three random cars.  I couldn't believe I was so nervous.  I mean, everyone who knows me knows I am crazy, but this was advertising it to strangers! 

My favorite was the beat-up old car with the windows open.  I laid the rose and note on the driver's seat.  It was truly beautiful seeing that lovely pink perfection in the midst of grungy disaster.  Profound.

And that's it.  A random act of flowering.  I'll never know how it was received.  But this is one I think I want to repeat. 

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