Who defines me?

Some day I will say it and it will be true...

I am no longer defining myself.

I will be far enough along on my spiritual journey.  I will be completely free.

Today, there are parts of myself that I am still hanging on to.  Wanting to be liked.  Wanting to be understood.

Despite the reality that all that I have given up of myself for His use, He has turned for greater joy in my life.

Still, I look at outward signs, and I measure myself.

This is what I long for, glimpses I've seen, but have yet to fully grasp with both hands...

To lean only on God for strength

To not worry if others misunderstand me

To be a quiet yet strong voice speaking truth

To trust every detail to Him

Less of me, Lord.  More of you.

Take my weakness Lord.  Send your holy fire to burn my pride. 

Beauty from ashes.


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