Joy Sprinkle ~ Day 57 ~ Secret Package... Arrived!

Well, I can't tell you what this one is quite yet, but while you're waiting, go check out a few previous secretive sprinkles that can now be revealed.

There was Day 22 ~ A Surprise

And Day 23 ~ Another Surprise

You might be on to something if you noted that both of those were mailed surprises....  :-)

"Ssshhhhhhh... be vewwy vewwy quiet!"

Update!  The package arrived, and my sprinklee even blogged about it!  So you get it straight from the source...  Jennifer aka The Fairy Mum.   I am so happy she felt the love!

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  1. Excited to join you in memorizing Philippians! I have a link up, to share plans and resources. Would love to get some tips from someone ahead of the rest of us!

    Fun to "meet" you, looking forward to this journey together!



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