Joy Sprinkle ~ Day 49 ~ Sharing with a Sweet Mom

This past summer I started hosting dinners for moms in my home once a month, just a time to be with other women who have similar lives (most of us homeschool), and discuss things that are important to us.

One of the sweet mothers who comes regularly was not going to be able to attend this month because her husband is traveling.  She has four small children, and while she does an amazing job of cheerfully accepting this frequent challenge of solo-parenting, she seemed a little worn down this week.

There really wasn't any way I could think to include her, but then I had an idea.  What if I brought her the meal in the morning, so she could have the same thing for dinner and feel like she was somewhat a part of it? 

So that's what I did, and it blessed me, the queen of procrastination, by getting me to cook well ahead of time.  Happiness all around... are you sensing a trend here?

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