Joy Sprinkle ~ Day 39 ~ Food, a Question and Some Sunshine

I spent some time today with a woman I know only slightly.  She is someone who is in great need, and I wanted it see if I could figure out how to help her.  Before I went to her house, I bought her some food.

We spent some time sitting on her porch.  She is in a difficult situation.  I asked her what she needs.  I listened.  I prayed for her. 

Little Warrior was with me.  He brought her something too - he brought her sunshine.  She has never smiled at me.  But she laughed at Little Warrior.  He wore his purple super hero cape and declared that he is building her a new house.  He detailed all the tools he would use.  She loved every second of it.

I may have brought her food for her stomach, but my little boy brought her food for her soul.

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