Joy Sprinkle ~ Day 68 ~ Movie Time with Farmer Boy

Farmer Boy is almost 14 now.  He is tall and lanky and muscular; it is hard to believe that he was the roly-poly baby who introduced me to motherhood.

He is a quiet young man, his river runs deep.  He has two younger siblings who are loud and outgoing and require a huge amount of my attention as I attempt to train them up in the way they should go.  We rarely get time together alone.

This summer he, The Princess and I decided to have a mini film festival at home.  We don't watch much TV, but we enjoy an occasional movie, so we decided to watch the two older Toy Story movies then go see Toy Story 3 in the theater.  Just after we planned this, The Princess was invited to a birthday party, and as part of the festivities, they went to see Toy Story 3.  Farmer Boy and I decided we had the makings of "special time" for just the two of us.

As it turned out, by the time we were able to go see Toy Story 3, it was no longer showing in our town.  So I put it in my Netflix queue.  It recently came out on dvd, and I made sure to have it in hand before we set off on our Hawaiian adventure.  Farmer Boy didn't know.

This evening, after the "littles" were in bed, we popped in the movie, to his happy surprise.  With the breezes blowing through the house and the waves crashing in the distance, we sat next to each other on the couch, my no-longer-little guy towering over me.  We both enjoyed the movie.  But I especially enjoyed having time with my soon-to-be-a-man boy.

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