Joy Sprinkle ~ Day 72 ~ Special Book for the Plane

The Princess fell in love with the Laura Ingalls Wilder series about life on the prairie in the 1800's last year.  This summer we visited the sites of several of Laura's childhood homesteads.  While we were at the Kansas site, we picked up the first book in the series about Laura's daughter Rose.  I had been skeptical about this series (did someone just want to cash in on Laura's popularity?) until I learned that it was written by Rose's adopted grandson and heir. 

The Princess loved the book, and we slowly added to her collection.  The series has eight books in it.  Knowing we would have a lot of time sitting on our way home, I secretly purchased and brought along the next book for a sprinkle.  She was so excited to find it on her bed the morning of our long flight!

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  1. Don't you LOVE that our children are excited about books?!


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