Joy Sprinkles 94 to 97

Sprinkle #94 ~ new Compassion brother
We surprised the kids by sponsoring a new child from Compassion International.  We have been sponsoring Kamila from Ethiopia since she was 4 years old.  She is 19 now.  Today the children learned about Arnol from Honduras, who is 16 years old.  I knew I wanted us to sponsor a boy this time, from Latin America.  Of course requesting a younger child appealed to me, as we would have a longer relationship with him (15 years with Kamila so far!).  But as I thought about it, I realized that those older boys have so little chance left to be sponsored.  In fact, Arnol was our second assignment for this new sponsorship - our first boy turned 19 about a week after he was assigned to us, and that was the age limit in Honduras for him to be in the program.  I feel so sad about that.  But now we start a new relationship with Arnol.

Sprinkle #95~ Saying YES
Simple, but surprisingly difficult.  I resolved this day to say "Yes" to all requests from Little Warrior that I play with him.  This particular day I had an especially long to do list (oh goodness, what day is not like that?) so it was really hard sometimes.  But every time he asked I found a way to say yes.  It bothers me that this was as hard as it was (the struggle was all in my brain).  But we danced together, we made a lego race car, I was a lady on the way to a bakery who got directions from a knight (? I know, but he asked me to and I said yes!), I was on a pirate ship...  and all this took maybe a total of 10 minutes throughout the day.  Isn't that convicting?  "Yes" is very good.  I need to say it more often.

Sprinkle #96 ~ meal for an expecting family
I have a friend who is expecting a baby soon.  She doesn't live close by but we are going to be visiting them this weekend.  So I made a meal that can be frozen for when the baby comes. 

Sprinkle #97 ~ date night!!
I have been trying to make this sprinkle happen for two months!  I kidnapped my husband for a date!  He was very surprised (we rarely get out just the two of us).  Two hours together, sitting in a grown up restaurant, with no distractions.  We were able to connect in a way that was long overdue.   So precious to have the time to focus on each other.  I would like to make this happen much more often!


  1. squeal! I'm so glad the kidnapping worked out!

    Very convicted by day 95 sprinkle, btw.

  2. Hooray on the new Compassion Child! We, unfortunately, lost one of our girls this week, but I am looking forward to welcoming a new child from Africa to bring our group of Compassion kids back up to 8!

  3. i'm going to need to do a "yes" day, also, for my younger ones. there are too many times that i get distracted with other things. i've been intentionally trying to just sit and read with the one who loves to be read to and listen to the one who will talk my ear off.


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