Joy Sprinkle ~ Day 92 ~ Just the Two of Us

I invited Little Warrior to go for a walk with me on our property today.  I wanted to collect some pine cones for a project, and thought it would be nice to spend some time "just the two of us."  Little Warrior loves special time.

We meandered past the pigs, throwing them his banana peel.  Hand in hand we made our way up and over the hill to the pines, gathering bags of pine cones, with frequent stops to explore mysterious treasures. 

On the way back we went by the pond and looked for turtles and snakes.  Little Warrior hopped from rock to rock on the little spit of land that has formed between the two sides of our pond due to the drought.  Before bringing the pine cones into the house, we stopped at the chicken yard and counted the hens.

It was a sweet, peaceful time with my little boy.

1 comment:

  1. Those simple times are so beautiful. I have to remember to seize more of them.


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